Little Black Book from ZNO

Whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur or just take pictures with your phone for fun, it is always a good idea to keep a printed copy of your best memories. In this digital world, people hardly care about printed photos because you can keep all your pictures in your computer or phone. But the fact is more than 50% of the digital images get lost in 10 years. Unless you want to lose your priceless memories, I would highly recommend you to keep a printed version of them. Although the idea of printing your photos to an album sounds primitive, its still the best way to preserve your memories, and the joy of touching and feeling your creation cannot be matched by your gadget. ZNO offers several different options for your album which comes in different sizes and you can check which size fits your purpose. Now the main question is how is the quality or value for money.

little black book ZNO
The Little Black Book from ZNO
Details of my album


Final Thoughts

Having said that all, the biggest question is would I order this again? Probably not. The Little Black Book is just a small 6×6 inch book with 24 pages, yet it is 2 cm thick. I would say £36 for a small 24 page photo book, where you cannot even choose the way you want to put your images, is not good value for money. I would rather go for the base line photo book from Saal Digital, which will cost me much less. The little black book has good quality print and premium thick pages, but the overall value for money is not good in my opinion. Had it offered the flexibility to place you images in a way you want, I would have given a second thought. But with other companies offering more for the price, I will pass this.